Vehicle Refinances - Stop overpaying on car finance!

Unlike home loan refinances, car refinances aren’t quite as straightforward and most brokers or lenders won’t allow for this type of application.

The main reason for this is that a car, unlike a home is generally an asset that always depreciates in value. The new lender is ‘refreshing’ a loan term on an asset that may now be worth less than the loan (meaning if you need to sell it quickly you won’t be able to fully payout the loan) which adds additional risk to the bank.

However there is good news! At Cornerstone Lending – We’ve scowered the lending market and have found some really good options for you if you are looking at a car refinance which can help you:

a) Reduce the loan’s interest rate

b) Reduce your monthly repayment (either with the reduced interest rate and by restructuring the term of the loan)

When is a car refinance a good idea?

There are lots of scenarios where a car refinance is a smart idea, but we’ve listed the three most common:

1 . When cashflow is tight- Whether that’s through your business or personally. If you’ve started a new job or business and need to minimise your expenses either short-term or permanently, a car refinance can really help – especially if you first secured the car when rates were alot higher. We can reduce your monthly repayments significantly and this can really ease the pressure on your household budget and outgoings.

2. When the unexpected occurs – Losing your job, the birth of a child or large unexpected bills and costs can happen to anyone and it’s just how life is sometimes. A car refinance can be a great option to quickly restructure your debts.

3. To help consolidate or repay other debt – Do you currently have alot of credit card debt at high interest rates? Generally a car refinance is a really smart option here. If we can secure you a car refinance onto, say a 6.50% rate and you have large credit card debt on 20% – it’s a savvy financial decision to car refinance onto a low rate with lower repayments and funnel the repayment savings as extra repayments on your unsecured credit card debt – this will help you avoid a significant amount of unnecessary interest costs!

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  • Reduce monthly repayments and free up cashflow
  • Reduce applicable interest rates
  • Potentially pay off more costly debt with savings
  • Re-structure or refresh your loan term
  • Avoid balloon maturity dates (if applicable)


  • May potentially cost more interest (over total loan term) if increasing the loan term
  • Potentially pay breakcosts by refinancing lenders (check with your outgoing lender first)


  • Over 30 years home loan industry experience
  • Dedicated loan manager per application
  • Licensed through one of Australia′s largest mortgage aggregators
  • We are an award winning team for a reason
  • Access to over 34 lenders
  • 97% satisfaction rating

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